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Whistleblower scheme

DanHatch Group Whistleblower scheme

Transparency and integrity are important values for us. On this background, we have set up a whistleblower scheme, which is intended to deal with criminal or other serious matters related to DanHatch Group.

What is DanHatch Group's whistleblower scheme?
In the whistleblower scheme, employees and other stakeholders may in good faith (anonymous as well as non-anonymous) make reports in the event of suspected potential breaches of the law, including circumstances that may cause DanHatch Group financial losses or which may damage DanHatch Group's reputation.

DanHatch Group is a responsible company with an open attitude, where everyone shall be able to feel safe and express themselves if they experience potential breaches of the law. As an employee, you are always encouraged to either talk to a manager, HR or a member of the Executive Board in such situations. If this is not possible, the whistleblower scheme may be used.

What may be reported in the whistleblower scheme?
The whistleblower scheme may only be used to report a suspicion of potential breaches of the law in activities related to the DanHatch Group.

Conditions that may be reported via the whistleblower scheme may for example be:

• embezzlement, theft, corruption, bribery, fraud, swindling, forgery, conflict of interest, extortion or misuse of inside information
• accounting and auditing irregularities
• providing false or misleading information to public authorities
• physical violence and sexual abuse.

The above list is merely to be considered as examples. If you are in doubt about whether your observation ought to be reported or not, you are encouraged to enter into a dialogue  ith a manager, HR or a member of the Executive Board. It is important to emphasize that all inquiries are answered (if you choose to inform us how we may contact you) and processed.

What may not be reported under DanHatch Group's whistleblower scheme?
Conditions that may not be reported under the whistleblower scheme include less serious conditions such as:

• complaints regarding daily relationships among staff or routine employee relationships, e.g. conflicts between employees and / or managers
• cases regarding union matters or absence
• violation of DanHatch Group's guidelines on alcohol and drug use, unless there remains a risk that such a violation may lead to a violation of safety regulations or policies.

Said conditions should rather be reported through the usual reporting channels in DanHatch Group.

Should you, as an external partner, experience situations such as the above mentioned, we recommend that you contact your partner in DanHatch Group, the HR department or the Executive Board.

Recipients of the report
Inquiries are received by DanHatch Group's Group CHRO. It is important to emphasize that the person responsible for the whistleblower scheme is subject to confidentiality, which is why your anonymity is always guaranteed.

How to report?
In order for us to process your report in the best possible way, it is important that you provide us with all the information you possess, including:

• what your report concerns
• who is involved in the actions in question
• where the acts in question have taken place or are taking place
• how much value you are aware of that is involved in the actions
• how you came into possession of said information

If you do not have all the information, it is important that you do not start investigating the matter yourself, but leave this to the person in charge of the whistleblower scheme.

Click here to download a form for reporting under DanHatch Group's whistleblower scheme.

Reports may be done by phone, letter or e-mail.

Oral report
Call +45 29 20 57 18. The telephone belongs to HR and Communication Manager Nadia Noes Johansen, who has full confidentiality regarding reported cases.

Written report
Send the report by post to:

DanHatch Holding A / S
Rugerivej 26
9760 Vrå

Please label the envelope: “Do not open - hand in to the whistleblower unit".

Report via email
You may also send your report via e-mail to

You may make a report anonymously, but we prefer that you provide your name and other contact details. If you have stated your name, we may get back to you with indepth questions if needed.

Should you wish to retain your anonymity, you must choose a form of reporting that ensures that we are not informed of your identity. In that case you should be aware that you should not provide name, telephone number, email address or other personal attributes, and that you do not – e.g. when uploading files, including documents, films, photos, etc. - inadvertently provide information about your identity.

DanHatch Group protects people who use the scheme. Should it be experienced that persons are subjected to reprisals because they use the whistleblower scheme, this will be reported to HR.

Feedback on reporting
As reports often relate to sensitive personal information and we are not able to give further information about those involved, we cannot provide an individual follow-up on your report. This applies whether you are anonymous or not. You may, however, be ascertained that we take your inquiry seriously and investigate it thoroughly within  given legal framework.