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About DanHatch

An international hatchery group

About DanHatch An international hatchery group

DanHatch Group is a group based in Denmark but which, today, extends far beyond the borders of Denmark. Our core business is the operation of broiler chick hatcheries and the associated rearing and hatching egg production. We have subsidiaries in Denmark, Poland, Finland and France and are owned by the two leading Danish agricultural groups Danish Agro and DLG. This ownership provides a solid foundation for international business development and helps to underpin and expand our strong collaborative relationships, both at home and abroad.

DanHatch Group has approximately 520 employees who share knowledge and experience across the group and always focus on best practice. Our vision is for DanHatch Group to be the preferred independent hatchery group in the European broiler sector. And we are well on our way. For 80 years, we have refined our procedures and routines and, thus, improved all aspects of our rearing and hatching egg production, hatchery operations and the servicing of our customers. This is why, today, we are one of the largest and most efficient hatcheries in Europe with an annual production of 625 million hatching eggs and 470 million day-old broiler chicks.

Our mission is to deliver viable and high-quality day-old chicks with a focus on productivity, animal health and animal welfare. Our production is created by our committed employees in a good working environment and, together, we form the basis of a profitable group in continuous growth.

Together with rearing and hatching egg producers, broiler producers, slaughterhouses and other partners, DanHatch wants to contribute to the continued development of healthy foods that are sustainably produced. Worldwide, the consumption of poultry is increasing and we believe that poultry is one of the most important sources of protein in the future. Poultry production has a lower environmental and climate impact than other animal food productions which is partly due to a higher feed conversion. At the same time, poultry is healthy, easy to prepare, economical and religiously independent. We believe that the poultry industry plays an important role in creating the necessary climate-conscious growth and DanHatch is proud to contribute to this.

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