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Hatching egg production

Optimum production conditions

From hen to egg

Once the parent animals have matured, they are moved from the rearing production to the hatching egg farms. This is where hens and cocks are put together and a few weeks later the actual hatching egg production starts.

The houses on the hatching egg farms have nests where the hens lay their eggs. From the nests, the eggs are transported by a conveyor belt to the packing room. Here, the eggs are sorted and packed on incubator trays and subsequently disinfected before being transported to one of our hatcheries.

Throughout the life of the parent stock, blood samples are regularly taken to monitor the health of the animals. In addition, dust and manure samples are collected every week to ensure that the animals are salmonella-free. In the houses, ventilation, temperature, humidity, light intensity as well as feed and water intake are carefully controlled, just as weight checks of both cocks and hens are regularly performed. All output data is reported electronically, allowing us access to the status of the production conditions and, in this way, we are able to continuously optimise the production.

From hen to egg.
Søholm - 40,000 hens + cocks.
One of our hatching egg farms is

Søholm - 40,000 hens + cocks