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80 years with chicks

Where it all began

The DanHatch history started in the 1930s, when the Mølbjerg brothers grew up on a farm in Vrå, Denmark. At an early age, the five boys became interested in pedigree hens and used their savings to buy 14 hatching eggs that were hatched with the aid of a dwarf hen on the farm. In the spirit of enterprise, the brothers built a chicken coop of railway sleepers and margarine boxes for their new flock and, as the years went by, the youngest brother Knud in particular became very interested in the possibilities of building a poultry production. While attending an evening course in carpentry, he built his own incubator and, thus, the seeds of Knud Mølbjerg's hatchery were sown.

Today, the company has changed its name and expanded to multiple locations at home and abroad. But the DanHatch head office is still located exactly where it all began with the Mølbjerg brothers and the 14 hatching eggs.

Where it all began.


Founded by the pioneer Knud Mølbjerg
1973 - 2002 Owned by the private feed company KFK
Acquired by the Danish feed companies Danish Agro, DLG, Aarhusegnens Andel and Hedegaard
Acquisition of Fællesrugeriet A.m.b.A.
Acquisition of A/S Holmegaards Hatchery
2009 - 2012 Acquisition of DanHatch Poland S.A.
Acquisition of the share capital in DanPiglet
Establishment of DanHatch Finland Oy based on the purchase of HKScan Group’s two Finnish hatcheries
Establishment of DHF Breeder Production Oy in Finland
Acquisition of the hatchery Goasduff SAS in France in cooperation with the Belgian company Yellow Bird Group and establishment of the company BD France SAS in a 50/50 joint venture
Acquisition of the hatcheries St. Marcellin (Goasduff S.E.), Josset and Avi-Loire in France
Expansion of the ownership interest in DanHatch Finland Oy to 90 %
Acquisition of the hatchery Amilly in France