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Hatching eggs

Uniformity and modern technology

Only the best hatching eggs

All DanHatch hatching eggs originate from the group's own hatching egg production or from affiliated contract producers who all meet DanHatch's high production standards in full. The hatching egg farms which may have up to 52,000 hens per production unit enable us to deliver large quantities of uniform day-old chicks to our customers.

At the transfer facility of our hatchery, all hatching eggs are screened before they are put in the incubators, thus allowing us to identify and remove unfertilised eggs. The egg mass deriving from removed eggs is sold and recycled for animal feed. At some transfer facilities, we also remove dead-in-shell eggs which are fertilised eggs without live chicks. This removal of unfertilised eggs and dead-in-shell eggs means that we achieve a better quality of chicks as these eggs are, thus, not included in the incubators nor in the subsequent handling process.

Several of our hatcheries also have equipment that enables in-ovo vaccination where the chick is vaccinated directly in the hatching egg.

Only the best hatching eggs.