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High hygienic standards and internal inspections

Hygiene is given pride of place

On arrival at the hatcheries, the incubated eggs are disinfected, moved from farm trolleys to pre-incubator trolleys and placed in the pre-incubators. Later, the hatching eggs are moved to the hatchers, where they are incubated for the last couple of days. Once the hatching eggs have hatched, the day-old chicks are manually sorted by quality, counted and packed in transport boxes. They are then ready to be transported to the broiler producer.

Like at the other stages in the value chain, the hatchery has high hygiene standards. DanHatch hatcheries are built according to the principle "all in - all out". This means that the individual incubator is filled at once, just like it is cleaned and disinfected after each incubation. In addition, the hatcheries are zoned which means that all person and product traffic occurs according to a determined hygiene status for the individual production premises. This avoids cross-contamination and the mixing of clean and unclean processes. This also applies to ventilation, where the air is moved from clean to unclean zones.

The hatcheries are the third stage of our production chain. The first stage is our rearing production into which the parent stock introduced immediately after hatching at the breeding stock supplier. Once the parent stock have matured, they are moved from the rearing production to the hatching egg production.

Hygiene is given pride of place.