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Broiler production

Advice, dialogue and collaboration

Broiler production Advice, dialogue and collaboration

At DanHatch, we focus on entering into strong relationships and partnerships because we believe that the path to healthy growth goes through trust and collaboration. Not only do we supply the day-old chick but we also ensure that you have easy access to attentive advice to enable you to achieve the greatest possible success with your broilers.

Our experienced consultants have a high level of professionalism which means that we are able to provide specialised advice on all aspects of broiler production. We want to enter into a partnership with you which lets us learn from each other, develop and create growth together.

ā€¯DanHatch is exceedingly good. They produce good chicks that are viable while also having a good feed conversion"
Jens Bertelsen
Broiler producer

What can we do for you?

Are you considering taking up broiler production? Are you thinking about reorganising your current livestock production? Or would you just like to hear more about what we can offer?

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What can we do for you?.
"We provide advice based on extensive experience and the most recent knowledge from home and abroad. As a consultant, my paramount task is to put the advice and ideas into play that provide the most value for the individual farmer. It is therefore a pleasure to work with producers who are constantly seeking to gain new knowledge and trying to optimise their production to take full advantage of the potential of every chick".
Henrik Hansen
Broiler Specialist, DanHatch Denmark