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Rearing production

Good and strong parent stock

The starting point is the hen and the cock

The first stage in the DanHatch production chain is our rearing production into which the parent stock is introduced immediately after hatching at the breeding stock supplier. These are the animals that, later in the process, produce the hatching eggs which become the day-old DanHatch chicks. The parent stock is carefully selected based on genetic characteristics for reproduction, growth, feed conversion and quality of meat. These are strong, well-proportioned and viable animals with good disease resistance.

At the rearing farms, hens and cocks live separately. This is because they follow different production parameters which are to give them optimum conditions while maturing. Both cocks and hens are subject to a vaccination plan to protect them from poultry diseases. Once the parent animals have been vaccinated, they form antibodies which they transmit to the chicks via the hatching egg. Thus, the chicks also gain immunity to a number of diseases.

The starting point is the hen and the cock.
Årup – 50,000 hens + cocks.
One of our rearing farms is

Årup – 50,000 hens + cocks