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From intern to HR Manager in seven years

In 2012, Nadia Noes Johansen was one of the company’s first interns when she started her internship at DanHatch. When the internship had been completed, she continued working at DanHatch on a part-time basis while completing her sociology studies. Afterwards, she worked as an HR Consultant in the company until February 2019 when she became HR Manager at DanHatch Denmark.

When looking back on her career in DanHatch, Nadia places special emphasis on the many opportunities she has been given - both to develop the organisation as well as her own professional skills.

”Imagine being a completely green graduate and being told: This is your area you can shape it as you like and prioritise the tasks that you think best," says Nadia.

Nadia's first tasks as a graduate were, amongst others, to develop a concept for competence development, to spar with managers and to support a healthy and safe working environment. Since then, her area of ​​responsibility has grown steadily and, today, she is responsible for HR throughout DanHatch Denmark.


“DanHatch understood that, if they gave me the right tasks, they would get the most value out of my internship. We still take that same approach to trainees”
Nadia Noes Johansen
HR Manager in DanHatch Denmark and former intern