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The calculation must come out

Jens Bertelsen has worked with broilers for 20 years. And while production has grown, the supplier of day-old chicks remains the same.

Jens and Trine Bertelsen are fifth generation on the Danish farm which Jens took over from his father more than 20 years ago. After a short time, Jens reorganised the production from cows and pigs to broilers and, since then, production has grown steadily.

Today, Jens breeds between 2,100,000 and 2,200,000 broilers every year. He has six chicken houses and, every year, he takes seven or eight flocks of chicks into each of his six houses. This is a large production and in order for it to make economic sense, one calculation is particularly important: Consumed kilos of feed per farmed kilo of broiler.

”DanHatch is exceedingly good. They produce good chicks that are viable while also having a good feed conversion," says Jens Bertelsen.

A production of this size requires a responsible supplier. It requires that each flock of day-old chicks received by Jens is characterised by uniformity and quality - and that Jens is guaranteed security of delivery. That is why he has always procured his chicks from DanHatch.

Jens breeds Ross 308 broilers - a type that both he and DanHatch have worked with for many years. This significant experience results in healthy, uniform and viable broilers.

"What we have here is a production. And it must make economic sense. It does so with DanHatch chicks, ” says Jens Bertelsen who also uses DanHatch as consultants when professional sparring is required. And he is happy with the collaboration which is constantly evolving: “We can talk things over. And over the years, DanHatch has also opened up more. Today, we get an insight into output figures to enable us to follow the development of DanHatch's different parent stock. We are able to make comparisons and go over the numbers," says Jens Bertelsen.

"What we have here is a production. And it must make economic sense. It does so with DanHatch chicks ”
Jens Bertelsen
Broiler producer