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We have never considered a change of supplier

The couple Bente and Hans Medum produce broilers. They have been doing so since autumn 2018 when they reorganised their production from eggs for consumption.

After producing barn eggs for 24 years, Bente and Hans had acquired a great deal of knowledge about chicks and egg production - but had much to learn about broilers. This is where DanHatch came into the picture.

In autumn 2020, Bente and Hans celebrated their anniversary when the twentieth flock of chicks moved in. DanHatch delivers the day-old chicks to them. At the property, the chicks reach an average age of 33 days before they are picked up by the slaughterhouse. Bente and Hans have collaborated with DanHatch since 2018.

”We have never considered a change of supplier. Our collaboration works really well and there is no reason to explore other options,” says Hans Medum. 

The collaboration between Bente and Hans, DanHatch and the slaughterhouse forms an important value chain for Danish consumers. For this reason, all parties always focus on quality, uniformity and security of delivery.

In 2019, Bente and Hans produced 290,000 broilers. That year, they were also named Denmark's most skilled broiler producer. A title you only attain if you focus on management and animal health every day. Here, having a good starting point is essential. Hans Medum explains: ”It is vital for animal welfare in the house – and for production – that the day-old chicks received are healthy and well.”

In 2020, Bente and Hans added an extra chicken house so that they can now produce more broilers for Danish consumers and, at no time, have they regretted the conversion to broiler production.

"DanHatch takes the responsibility for the quality - they make sure we make a good start on the flocks"
Hans Medum
Broiler producer