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18 April 2024

News from DanHatch

DanHatch Group reaches a milestone

For the first time, DanHatch Group reached half a billion-day-old chicks sold in 2023.

DanHatch Group’s record sales in recent years were topped with sales of 503 million day-old chicks in 2023, which was 13 million more than in 2022. The increase in sales is mainly attributable to the activities in France, where the group took over another hatchery during the past year.

DanHatch Group’s revenue also followed suit, and the group achieved a pre-tax profit of EUR 8,3 million. On the revenue side, the Polish subsidiary especially excelled with a pre-tax profit of EUR 5,1 million.

In 2023, a highly pathogenic avian influenza in Europe again played a role, which was also felt by the DanHatch Group, which experienced significant fluctuations in both demand and pricing of the group’s products, as well as a number of logistical challenges. Furthermore, geopolitical turmoil had a significant impact on the prices of raw materials for feed production throughout 2023.

Nevertheless, DanHatch Group still fulfilled its sales expectations of half a billion-day-old chicks. At the same time, the group increased its revenue to EUR 172,7 million in 2023 from EUR 164 million in 2022.

Chairman of DanHatch Group’s Board of Directors, Henning Haahr, is delighted that DanHatch has come through a turbulent time and is now geared toward continued poultry production growth.

“It is with great satisfaction that we can see that DanHatch has increased its sales volumes over the years and, in 2023, reached this milestone of half a billion chicks. In 2024, the goal is to initiate measures to expand future capacity so that the healthy growth at DanHatch can continue,” says Henning Haahr, who, in addition to being chairman of DanHatch Group’s Board, is also Group CEO of Danish Agro, which owns DanHatch together with DLG.

In connection with the recently held ordinary general meeting of DanHatch Group’s Board of Directors, it was decided that the constellation with Anette Hermansen and Lasse Olesen as equal Group CEOs of DanHatch Group will be permanent. Since November 2022, they have served as acting Group CEOs.

“After more than 12 years of employment at DanHatch, Anette Hermansen and Lasse Olesen have in-depth knowledge of DanHatch’s business area and organisation. They are two strong profiles with similar values and different professional strengths that complement each other very well. Together, they form a solid and highly competent duo, who have led the DanHatch Group for the past 18 months to the full satisfaction of the Board of Directors,” says Henning Haahr.

At the general meeting, it was also decided that the Group CEO of DLG, Kristian Hundebøll, will take over the chairmanship of DanHatch Group’s Board of Directors according to the rotation principle. Henning Haahr continues as deputy chairman.